It occurred to me over a cup of coffee that I should start blogging again. But about what? It was almost as if the cup looked into my soul and told me. And with that “Ghost Night Review” – a blog that reviews horror movies, ghost related television and wine – was conceived. For years now, my lovely wife has allowed me to indulge my lifelong love of the macabre by designating Saturdays as “Ghost Night.” It was a tradition that started in Germany where we had no cable so I ordered some seasons of the SyFy Channel’s Ghost Hunters. From there I started recording and religiously watching the Travel Channel’s Dead Files when we got back to the States, watching it every Saturday night. After binge watching for so long, you have to branch out, so I threw in Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures into the mix and eventually added a movie as well. Top that off with a bottle of wine and I think I have plenty to talk about.